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  • Rovinj

    The coast of Istria, just underneath the Lim canal is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean! City of Rovinj is the right destination for all of you who long for
    sentimental atmosphere of times long lost. In the Mediterranean, you can find them here, in a city that is your romantic life began
    on the island which is a confined space houses are closely built, with narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism. From the seaside stranegrad protected high shady shore and zidovimankuća built on cliffs, and the mainland by high walls. The baroque church of Sv. Euphemia, from whose 60-meter high tower has pogledna gray-red roofs and chimneys, streets and squares, harbor and port with ships and boats, a marina with yachts.


    This unique old town, 67 km coastline, 2,289 ha of protected green space and furnishings Forest Park, 16 islands, islets and rocks, makes this city unique. Grown to its rich fishing tradition has become known for its unique boat batani and songs bitinade. Its beauty especially appreciated artists in this place, the most beautiful motifs painted and exhibited them at Grisija - street artists.

    It is a place that offers many possibilities-beautiful nature walks, engaging sportskimi recreational activities, sailing, diving, climbing, bike rides, then discovering hidden beauties, cultural antiquities, archaeological sites, culinary delights, and all related area of ​​high-quality hotels, tourist villages and camps that provide many opportunities for a holiday, enjoying the benefits of wellness, business meetings and sporting activities.

    Today it has 14,234 inhabitants. Just to the south of Rovinj, Istria cuts 45 parallel, which means that we are exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole - the most ideal geographical and temperature in the northern hemisphere. This location has an average annual temperature of 14 degrees or summer of 23 degrees. The most frequent winds are south of our region, wind and breeze. In summer it is most breeze, a gentle breeze blowing vacation to freshen warm summer nights. The sea is our greatest blessing. It is winter "cold" from 9 to 11 degrees, and in summer the average is 24 stupnja.Gibanje must be experience: waves, currents, tides. The mean annual temperature is 13.5 ° C, rainfall is 766.8 mm, while the relative humidity is 75 per thousand. The climate is warm, semi-arid. During the year, more than a third of the day was windless, and the frequency of blowing a lot less than other areas along the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.


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