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  • Filmske lokacije u Istri - Movie Locations in Istria

                                                                                              1. Kelly's Heroes

    During 1970 in the Istrian village Vižinada (46 km from Rovinj) filmed movie Kelly's Heroes.
    In the village Vizinada recorded all street scenes in the film have appeared accommodates the world-famous actors such as Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland.

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                                                                                             2. Season of the Witch
    2011 in Pula, Kamenjak Cape (about 40 km from Rovinj) were filmed scenes of the film Season of the Witch. Starring Nicolas Cage appears
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                                                                                              3. Diana
    Here is one movie that was filmed partly in Rovinj. The film is from 2013, starring the Naomi Watts, and the title is Diana. As the name suggests the film is about the life of Princess Diana.
    Photos look at the Croatian page

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