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                                                                                 1. LIM FJORD
    One of the
    most beautiful natural resources of Istria is certainly Lim bay, or also known as, Lim fjord and Lim Channel.
    Lim Bay is part of the Lim Fjord (valleys), which extends almost to the center of Istria and the town of Pazin, a distance of 35 km. Sam Lim channel length is about 10 km, ie about one third of expensive waste at bay. Wide is the widest part of about 600 m and the depth reaches up to 10 m, while the steep cliffs rising up to 100 m.
    Lim Bay has created millions of years ago while the sea level was lower and the Lim river dear flowed precursor Pazinčica which is today largely underground streams.
    At the bottom of the channel there are many objects of antiquity. More BC on the hills around the Gulf of Lim Illyrians were building their settlements. Not far from the restaurant on the south side and a height of about 100m, Romualdo's cave. In a cave in the course of the 11th century., And later held religious ceremonies. The cave is named after Romuald who according to legend was a priest. The cave is open to the public and the possible organized visit. The temperature is constant around 14 ° - 17 C throughout the year. There are a number of caves that have not accessible entrance, and some only have access to the sea.
    The bay is a large farm where grown sea bass, sea bream, and shell mussels.
    For lovers of adrenaline steep cliff Lim channel Nice to meet extremely suitable for "free climbing". You starting warmer weather daily to see fans of the sport.
    Lim Bay now has the status of a protected landscape, and the driving of motor crafts limited and not allowed fishing and diving.
    One interesting for all lovers of the seventh art is that during 1958 in the Gulf filmed movie The Vikings. Starring the great film Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. Thus, a few years after the film, at the top of the bay there right Viking settlement with age collapsed.
    Also during 1964 was filmed a movie about Vikings The Long Ships which starred Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier.

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